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WP-Plus is for Professional Bloggers and Professional Developers -- those who expect to make a living by posting blogs and developing blogging tools.

Are you ready to unleash the full potential of your favorite blogging platform?

Not WordPress. Better!

WP-Plus is an improved version of WordPress, the well-known blogging platform.

WordPress is a wonderful blogging platform, with thousands of plugins and themes available in the official WordPress.org repository to fine-tune and customize your blog. However, this repository does not list commercial plugins and themes, which drives professional developers away, and dilutes the quality of the tools available to a serious blogger.

Download WP-Plus 4.8.1

Not WordPress, WP-Plus

WP-Plus is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by WordPress.org.

It is an improved version (in our opinion) of the official blogging platform.

WP-Plus is a derivative work (modified version) of WordPress, and for that reason, this website forwards you to WordPress.org for almost all general queries.

It’s Easy as …

oneFind a Web Host and get great hosting while supporting WP-Plus at the same time.

twoDownload & Install WP-Plus with the famous 5-minute installation made popular by the original WordPress.

threeRead the Documentation and become a WordPress expert yourself, impress your friends.

WP-Plus Users

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Why WP-Plus?

To Help Professional Bloggers and Developers!

WP-Plus is an attempt to give the serious blogger access to professionally developed plugins and themes. It has all the features of WordPress, but will also list commercial and professional plugins and themes when you search and will let you update them using the familiar WordPress interface.

For Professionals, by Professionals

The lack of professionally written themes and plugins in the WordPress.org version hurts serious users of this wonderful platform. WP-Plus gives you everything that the WordPress.org version does, plus access to commercially developed themes and plugins.

Are you a professional blogger? Then you will find all the professional tools you need at WP-Plus.org. Are you a professional plugin or theme developer? You have come to the right market place!